Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stampin' Up Convention 2012 Inspiration!

Holy Buckets! I've been home for a week from my 1st EVER SU CONVENTION, and I still have stars in my eyes! To make the trip, five of my new best friends and I roadtripped from Minnesota all the way to beautiful Salt Lake city. What can I say? We had a wonderful time and learned a ton. Here are some of the cool ideas I took away from each of my sessions:

Jill Leigh "I Am a First Time Recruiter" 
 * Show Stampin' Connection during your workshops! Genius.
 * Actually read the Demo Manual. Hmm...I've definitely been a slacker on that account.

Shannon West "I Am Having Fun"
  * Use Icebreakers during classes/workshops - What's on your nightstand? We may not want to know, but tell us anyway.:)
  * Use each of the 5 senses to entice customers...Best Takeaway? Shannon's Apple Dip Recipe (8oz
      Cream Cheese, 1/2 cup brown sugar, dash of vanilla, and something crunchy.) Yummers.
PS. Love that she admitted to attending all those Boy-band Concerts!

Emily Montoya - "I Am Starting Out"
  * Set a goal as in "I want to promote by December."
  * Volume Rebates... good info - did not know much about those or the overrides.

Bonnie Thurber "I Am Doing Business My Way"
  * How to manage card classes the most efficiently. I start a new club this month! Yay!
  * Coach your hostess so she can encourage her friends to help her get free stuff.

Donna Griffith - "I Am Saavy "
  * So many great practical ideas...where do I start? Fabric bags, ribbon strip backgrounds, baby    headbands, gift card holders, place cards, you name it!

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